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11 Way to Reach Facebook Ads

#2 – Link to a Tutorial Give your fans a step-by-step guide or tutorial for how to do something. People love it when you show them how a task is done, especially if it will solve one of their pain points! Also, they are GREAT for getting engagement, especially click-throughs and shares!
#3 – Solve a Problem… Better Yet, Let THEM! People love brain teasers. People love to help. People want to feel smart. Hmmm… Why not post an update that lets them do all three? This is my #1 performing post of the year. Yes, you are reading that correctly, it reached 43+ MILLION people with nearly 3 MILLION likes, comments and shares and 100% of that traffic coming organically.
#4 – Share a Tip Share a tip from an industry expert for solving a common problem or overcoming a challenge. Check out this post by Digital Marketer that I shared tips for character count on. I contributed with other industry experts and the engagement on this post was crazy!
#5: Share the Luv Every week I do a Facebook Friday post where I let people tag their Facebook Fan Page in the comments section in return for liking, commenting and sharing a post on the other Fan Page links in the thread. Not only is a great way to help people build their Facebook communities, but it is a relationship starter and places you in the center of a growing community as a relationship facilitator.
#6 – Adopt a Cause What causes are you legitimately interested in? What are your favorite holidays? Causes and holidays are something that a great many people have in common. I have a very soft spot for families with autistic children. So, on National Autism Day, April 2nd, I created a post that came straight from my heart and built a beautiful graphic to go with it.
Bonus Tactic – Facebook Offers Okay, admittedly this one isn’t free, but my results have been utterly spectacular every time I do it, and if you are going to spend a very little amount of money on Facebook advertising, then this is the best place to do it. Try out Facebook offers. Facebook Offers is a simple yet effective way to reward your fans while increasing sales, engagement and tracking ROI. If you’re not familiar with Facebook Offers, Molly Pittman shows how Digital Marketer utilizes them in this post and breaks down why they’re so successful: